Cats (Hörbuch-Download, MP3)

Hörbuchdownload, Sprecher: Richard Griffith/Liza Goddard
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A series of stories and poems - Title listings: The Story Of Webster by P.G. Wodehouse, The Foolhardy Mouse&The Cautious Cat by James Thurber, Tobermory by Saki, The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe, My Cat Jeoffrey from Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart, The Cat That Walked By Himself by Kipling, The Siamese Cat by James Thurber, The Owl&The Pussycat by Lear, To A Cat by John Keats, Teaching Bluebell Ping Pong by Muriel Spark, Dick Baker's Cat by Mark Twain, Ming's Biggest Prey by Patricia Highsmith, The Cat In The Lifeboat by James Thurber, The Cheshire Cat by Lewis Carroll, I will Finish with the Story of a Good Cat / unknown.