English Compass B1

2 Teacher Audio-CDs, Dt/engl, English Compass
Schofield, James/Clark, Vanessa/Hübner, Lynda u a
ISBN/EAN: 9783126065382
Sprache: Deutsch
Umfang: 102 Min.
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Die Teacher Audio-CDs enthalten die Hörtexte aus den Unterrichtsteilen. All recorded material intended for classroom use is contained on the Teacher Audio CDs: dialogues, pronunciation, and listening comprehension exercises. The audioscript for these CDs can be found in the units in Teaching Compass.
My name is James Schofield. I have worked in different countries around the world and for different organisations including the British Council. I now teach at Siemens in Munich and if I am not there and I am not writing for Ernst Klett Sprachen, then I am busy with my seven children, two dogs, one cat and fourteen mice. In fact, the dogs are saying I have to take them for a walk right NOW, so if you'll excuse me ...