The Metabolic Syndrome (gebundenes Buch)

Pharmacology and Clinical Aspects
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The metabolic syndrome is a common syndrome affecting about 20 % of the adult population in Europe, and probably the prevalence is of the same magnitude in other industrialised countries worldwide. It is mainly caused by western lifestyle resulting in abdominal obesity, but also a genetic predisposition plays a role. This syndrome, which is linked to leisure lifestyle and overeating/obesity, can develop into type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Therefore, proper treatment and prevention are heavily needed. This book discusses lifestyle intervention and treatment, specifically with pharmacological compounds, in order to formulate a strategy for treating the metabolic syndrome in the daily clinic.
InhaltsangabeIntroduction and definition of the metabolic syndrome.- Epidemiology of the metabolic syndrome.- Pathophysiology of the metabolic syndrome.- Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases.- Lifestyle intervention - prevention of complications to the metabolic syndrome.- Treatment with metformin.- Treatment with thiazolidinediones (TZDs).- Treatment with PPARalpha activators.- The role of statins in the metabolic syndrome.- Antithrombotic and fibroanalytic treatment in the metabolic syndrome.- The role of GLP agonists in the metabolic syndrome.- Treatment of the metabolic syndrome by gastric bypass.- Treatment of the metabolic syndrome in the daily clinic - algorithms.- Future perspectives.