Relational competence (kartoniertes Buch)

Towards a new culture of education
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About this Book: Conflicts, grueling power struggles with difficult children, and destructive behavior daily challenge both teachers and parents. The main cause for disobedience and lack of discipline is a deeper-seated relational conflict between adults and children. Children want to learn; and they want to cooperate - provided their personal integrity and individuality are acknowledged and maintained in a respectful manner. This requires truly true dialogues with children. Juul and Jensen emphasize the significance of relational competence as the core concept, changing the very nature of how we see education. They offer relevant alternatives to conventional education and solutions for difficult situations. They seek valid alternatives and give teachers the support that is so urgently needed.
Jesper Juul, born in Denmark in 1948, family therapist, supervisor and author, was the founder of the renowned Kempler Institute of Scandinavia, now Danish family therapy institute ( and represented by the and in the German speaking world. Besides training family therapists, this institute provided over 3 decades hundreds of Scandinavian teachers with training on how to treat children and adolescents. Juul is one of the most influential family therapists and authors on family topics in Europe. His books have been sold in record-breaking numbers. His international project familylab is committed to enabling parents and professionals to transform emotional love and commitment into loving behavior and is active on several continents.